Get Ready... Something Really Cool Is Coming Soon!

We are super excited to announce that Ariane Goodwin’s, Writing the Artist Statement: Revealing the True Spirit of Your Work, back by popular demand, will be available soon!

Don’t you agree that writing
an Artist Statement is one of the more
Intimidating Tasks you’re asked to do?

Wouldn’t you rather spend your last dime on great art supplies
than try to figure out what someone wants to know about your work…
that they can’t already see?

Ah… if it was only as simple as seeing.

If we humans weren’t such complex beings with visual, auditory, kinesthetic, psychic, and linguistic sensibilities (to name just a few), surviving in a                                         culture where over stimulation is the name of the game.

But we are, and you are, and that requires multiple levels of connection with our audience.

That’s where your artist statement comes in. It helps
you expand the range of your connection.

More connections, the stickier your art becomes.

The stickier your art becomes, the more they remember you!

Watch this space!

And may you always reveal the true spirit of your work,

Ariane Goodwin Writing and Editing relief for the Creative Entrepreneur

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